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I finally took the time to visit a comic shop.

Well I haven’t been posting recently because I have been spending most of my day at home. That can be exciting, except I’ve been spending most of the day just playing DFO and watching SGT Frog Abridged, oh, and playing Super Mario Land 3D. Today is the first day in a long time I’ve gotten out of the house for a good few hours and not spend it in a car.

Today, I went to a comic shop and got (you got it) a bunch of comics. Mostly comics I remember talked about on Linkara’s show where he just talks about recent comics for a good ten minutes. The comics, as far as I’ve read, are good, though I can’t help but laugh at the cover for Batman and Robin #2. If you haven’t seen it, I’m too lazy to find a picture, but it consists of the Batmobile flying out of an explosion as Batman holds onto the wheel with his teeth grit, and Robin with his arms in the air and his mouth open like he’s shouting “EXTREEEEEME!”

As for my experience, it was pretty interesting. I thought I went to a comic shop a few years ago, but I found out from this experience that it was really a tabletop game shop. The shop I went to was almost all comics, save for a few shelves dedicated to toys and figurines. When I looked around, I found some stuff I thought was cool like tiny figurines of the seven Lantern bearers from Blackest Night, a big Captain America shield to be mounted on a wall, and a Ghost Busters logo that can also be mounted on a wall. I admit though, I didn’t look around hard enough, but I didn’t see any DVDs of stuff like the Batman/Superman Animated Series, Justice League, or Brave and the Bold. I left the shop spending about $28 on comics and a Green Lantern pin I put on my hat.

I don’t usually get out of the house these days, mostly because I live on the edge of town. There are only three places out here that are in walking distance, a strip mall, a bar, and a gas station. When I go out, it’s usually with my mom because it’s to get groceries, and I have to go with her so I can lift heavy things for her. I don’t have a learner’s permit (and I personally hate driving), my dad is usually too busy or working, and no one else in this house can drive. If I get my own place, you can expect that I’ll either live in the middle of the city, or a city with an active public transportation system.

I just noticed that I’m rambling and not swearing as much. I am going to close this the best way I can think of. Fuck.

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